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2012 Prediction - What Does the 2012 Prediction Really Tell Us?

The 2012 prediction consists of certain eschatological beliefs that dreadful or transformative events will take place in 2012 - December 21 precisely. This date is said to be the end-date of a 5,125 year-long sequence in the Long Count Calendar Mayan. Different numerological formula as well as astronomical alignments have been put forward in association with December 21 2012; however, not even one of these propositions have been acknowledged or welcome by mainstream scholarship so far.

Scholars from different disciplines have waved off the belief that a dreadful event will take place in 2012 on the basis that the 2012 predictions of a looming doom are not part of Maya accounts, and that they are also not recorded in contemporary science accounts. Again, Mainstream Maya scholars have stated that the statement which says that the long count calendar ends in 2012 is misrepresentative of Maya history. They also said that there is no substantial importance attached to this date by the present day Maya

Here are the contents of the 2012 prediction;

According to a New Age version of this transition, in this said time, the earth and its occupants are likely to go through a positive physical or spiritual change. This translation also posits that 2012 could signal the start of a new era.

On the other hand, some are of the opinion that the 2012 date will usher in the end of the world or something close to it in a catastrophic manner. One of the predictions for the end of the world in association with the 2012 prediction is the Earth's collision with "Nibru" (which is usually called a passing planet) or "black hole". They also posited the entrance of the next solar maximum.

Far back 1957(about 53 years ago), the early Mayanist and also an astronomer - Maud W. M. stated in writing that the conclusion of a great period of 13 b'ak'tuns could have meant a significance to Maya. And in 1966, an assertion was made in Maya by Michael D. Coe (which was said to be an ambitious assertion) that Armageddon will come upon those who are degenerated, including every created thing, on the last day of the 13th - b'ak'tun. And as a result, the current world would be wiped out by the time the great cycle of the Long Count reaches completion- the December 2012 date.

However, as stated earlier, scientists and astronomers have refuted the apocalyptic predictions, giving substance to their refusal with the fact that the envisaged occurrences are excluded by astronomical observations. They are also of the opinion that these forecasts are unconfirmed by the predictions that have emerged from the findings. Some comparisons have been made about 2012 prediction dreads by NASA, with the late 90s Y2K bug, and they have recommended that proper analysis should not incorporate dreads of calamity.

In conclusion, critics of 2012 predictions are of a strong opinion that the collective knowledge of humanity could only predict events such as stock market crashes, terrorist attacks or human-associated events, but not events like the end of the world or even an earthquake.

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