Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Latest Information on 2012 - Earth Changes, Solar Storms, and More

By now most people have heard some of the theories about what may happen in the year 2012. There are people who suggest it is going to be a cataclysmic situation that results in the obliteration of mankind, and there are others who say it will be a time when man takes consciousness to a new level. The number of theories keeps adding up all the time. The latest theories are for 2012: Earth Changes, arrival of Planet X, giant solar storms, contact with Extra Terrestrial life, galactic alignment, and of course the destruction of the planet.

1. Earth Changes: There has been a lot of discussion about the planetary wide changes that might happen in 2012. A common theme is that there could be a polar shift. This has actually happened in the Earth's history, and there is some evidence to back up the claim.

There is some evidence that the world underwent a pole shift around 780, 000 years ago, so another such event is long overdue. If such a shift were to take place then the results would be incalculable - it would trigger mega tsunamis, earthquakes the like of which have never been experienced in historical times, and also the triggering of super volcanoes.

2. Galactic Alignment: Every planet, star, and heavenly body has cycles. On Earth we are all aware of the solstices that occur on June 21 and December 21, as well as the equinoxes twice a year on March 21 and September 21. These are calculated by the Earth's movement around the sun. It is important to understand that our solar system is also moving in a cycle through the galaxy.

It has been said that during 2012, on the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the solar system is going to be aligned at the centre of the galaxy in an equinox position. This cycle has been exactly calculated at 25, 800 years. We can only speculate on what will happen when our planet is aligned in such a manner. It is often quoted that the ancient Mayan people developed their long count calendar in relation to the Galactic equinox.

3. Giant Solar Storms: Every scientist will tell you that our Sun is an incredibly active and evolving star. It regularly releases solar flares that cause disruption through electro magnetic fields here on earth. NASA has acknowledged that sometime around 2012 there will be a massive solar maximum event that may stop all satellites from functioning as well as complete disruption to our electronic telecommunications and power grids.

4. Planet X: This is one theory that many people have been talking about. It involves the Earth coming extremely close to a planet that is not yet visible. This planet is often called Planet X, Wormwood, or Niburu. Believers say that it is on a huge elliptical orbit that only passes close to our planet once every 6000 years. They back up their claims through interpretations of ancient tablets that were carved during the Sumerian culture of the Middle East. If it is true then the earth will become unrecognizable.

5. Arrival of Extra Terrestrial life forms: This theory suggests that in 2012 we shall be visited by life forms that are not from the earth. Actual evidence for this concept is purely based on speculation.

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