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Michio Kaku and What Will Happen In 2012

When noted theoretical physicist Michio Kaku was asked what will happen in 2012, how do you think he responded? Before I answer that, let me set the stage for the response.

Regardless of whether you believe in the prophecies of 2012 or not, Michio Kaku's response is worth some investigation. The 2012 Mayan Prophecy has captured the imagination of many, some believe in it and others do not.

2012 Predictions

There are dire and foreboding predictions of what will happen in 2012. Some say that the world will end, as we know it. Others say it is the dawning of a New Age.

No one can deny that some earth changing events have already occurred. Chile, Haiti, New Orleans, Indonesia, and Japan attest to the worldwide impact of these localized catastrophes. Not only have these events been catastrophic in the loss of life and property, they have left an indelible emotional impact on the world. Are you prepared for a catastrophic event in your part of the world?

The doomsday soothsayers propose various scenarios that will cause devastation to our beautiful planet. This article will not address why the doomsday soothsayers believe that the world will end. In other words, I will not go into why they think the prophecy is true.

I will describe some of the scenarios that doomsday soothsayers believe will cause earth's devastation. Believers of the prophecy list three main possible causes for what will happen in 2012 and cause worldwide havoc.

  • Pole shift
  • Return of a mysterious Planet X
  • Climatic Changes

But, there is a fourth one that few people mention, solar storms.

Pole Shift

Scientists know that pole shifts have occurred in the past. In fact, the poles are shifting as we write this. They shift or move about 25 miles per year. They also know that on average every 300,000 years or so there is a pole reversal.

The last pole reversal occurred 780,000 years ago. Maybe we are overdue. I think you would agree that it would be one heck of ride.

Return of Planet X

Others claim that a mysterious Planet X will skirt our solar system and disrupt the wobble and spin of our planet causing untold disasters and havoc. NASA categorical denies that any such object exists.

Yet, in April of 2009, the Science Daily reported that a brown dwarf had just been discovered only 40 light years away from the earth, a very small distance on the astronomical scale. What other objects have they not yet seen or have seen and not reported?

Climatic Changes

As of this date in 2011, scientists have confirmed that global warming is a fact. Politics aside there is no denying that ice caps are melting, storms are colossal, and the jet streams are erratic.

All one has to do is read the newspaper or see the news on TV to know that mega storms are pounding the earth with high winds and major floods in places that normally do not have severe climatic events.

Solar Storms

So what does all this have to do with Michio Kaku's response to what will happen in 2012? Every eleven years the sun's poles shift (flip) and that causes solar flares and storms.

The storms emit an electromagnetic pulse (emp). Most often, these storms have little or at least no noticeable effects on the earth.

NASA can and does predict the intensity of these flares and just such a prediction was made for the end of the eleven-year solar cycle in 2012. And, they did warn about the possible but unlikely potential consequences of a major solar storm.

Michio Kaku

On Fox News in March of 2011, Michio Kaku had this to say about 2012, "We scientists made a mistake. We thought that the next cycle (solar cycle) was going to be quiet. Well, some of our data was off by a factor of twenty. And, that's why we are issuing this alert now. We made a mistake. The next cycle, peaking around 2012, will be much more serious than we previously thought."

He goes on to outline the consequences. All electrical power will be down. It is not just a one-hour or one-day blackout. It will fry the entire electrical grid system worldwide.

All satellites will be fried, all communication will be lost, all computers and computer-controlled systems will be down. It would take years to restore power. He also said that it will set us back technologically 100 years.

Are you prepared

I know this sounds like the Y2K scare of the 1990's and I certainly do not want to be accused of fear mongering. I will let you be the judge. I know this, there are very strange things happening and my intuition tells me that at the very least I should be always vigilant and prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

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