Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surviving 2012

The prediction done by Maya calendar is almost going to occur in the year 2012, December 21. If you are still thinking it a joke, then you need to watch out. Many researchers and scientists are almost certain that the end of the world will occur on 2012. Well, surviving 2012 can be a hard assignment if you have no idea to grab the starting line. But there are some useful methods by which you and your family can survive the 2012.

• For surviving 2012, you need to stay away from places where there are volcanic mountains, nuclear base and also from the coastal sea belt. To survive 2012, you need to stay away from sea level and also from flood location.

• One of the most important things that you need to look is food. To survive you need survival kit that must include lanterns, batteries and water filtering system. You need lots of vegetables, fruits and dried meats. Never fear and try to face the situation in the best manner. Look for jackets that can protect you from cold and water.

• To flourish the human civilization again, you need to do many things. You need lots of seed to plant trees and to look for methods to boom human race again on the earth.

Well, surviving 2012 is not an easy task, as it needs lots of preparation. You have to become fearless and must be confident to knock-off all calamities. Make a team and do research, find out ways to survive the 2012 tragedy. First thing that you should do is to make people aware of this prediction.

One of the best ways is by starting blog writing and making people aware of the calamities that will arise on December 21, 2012. Make a cool website and put all your thoughts in it. Sailing contests in yachts capsize & crew gets imprisoned in a cabin are reality that has to be brought in account while selecting the survival boat. An unfortunate crew can't free themselves as water rushes in & boat sinks. We may follow coverage of plight of unfortunates for many days. During these days they stay locked up prior to they are rescued and this assumes that yacht is located. At an end of 2012, after reversal of poles, and this will be hopeless situation that should be avoided.

We can witness to the global destruction, as well as chances are very high there will not be anybody accessible to rescue you from the awkward situations. Thus, how you can possibly stop like situation? Do the unsinkable boats exist and who knows more about it? Good news is there are some companies that build those kinds of the boats and the business is on upraise as many people see this as alternative for the 2012 survival. One is Unsinkable Motor Yacht from Belgium. Malle, Flanders, northern part of the Belgium, is well known to house a few of finest sail boat building the companies, especially unsinkable ones.

I have being studying the topic of 2012 since 2002. I recently published my site, [http://www.2012decoded.com] to put all my knowledge down. So far, it has been a hit and I am excited to do more.

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