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Mayan Prophecy of Doom 2012 - Will December 12th, 2012 Be Doomsday?

Will the world really end in December 2012 as the Mayan Prophecy of Doom 2012 predicts.

A number of celestial happenings and prophet predicts seem to converge to add weight to the claims for the Mayan Prophecy of Doom 2012.

So the speculation has only just began The Mayan Prophecy of Doom 2012 will be a larger talking point than the turn of the millennium, or whether the world would survive the computer change for the end of 1999.
The Mayan Prophecy of doom 2012 is part of the overall Mayan Prophecies. This prophecy in particular seems to suggest on or around December 2012 the world will end, or at least a major shift in the well being of the world will be experienced.

A number of prophecies seem to imply that some form of doomsday will happen in the 21st century,
Several; ancient profits predict the end of the world in 2012. The end of the world is predicted in the bible and the temples of ancient Rome, and the pyramids of the Mayans.

The Mayan calendar is so accurate that it has been able to predict lunar eclipses literal thousands of years in the future, but the Mayan calendar mysteriously ends on December 12 2012.

A web bot project designed to predict, stock futures that already successfully predicted the earth quakes in August 2004 the prediction was for 300,000 dead and in December 2004 the tsunami occurred, the bot also predicted anthrax attacks in Washington DC in 2001, the destruction of hurricane Katarina in 2005.

If this project is correct it predicts escalations leading to something like limited nuclear war in 2012, but this is based on scans of the internet, so can it be relied on, despite it's past accuracies

Oracles of the ancient world, such as The Sibyl of ancient Rome 6th century BC, predicts a distant apocalypse, stating the world would last for, 9 periods of 800 years each the e 10th generation would begin in approximately 2000AD and be the last. Her greatest prophecy written in around 20BC was of a new golden age and a child being born, Christians took this as the prophecy of the coming of Christ.

Nostradamus and the lost book also seems to predict a trial by fire for the world and a final war of ultimate destruction brought on by an anti-Christ, suggesting the conflict between Muslims and Christians might be at it centre.

So it is not just the Mayans that are predicting some form of major distribution in civilisation around the year 2012 a number of ancients and threads come together to support this theory.

Will the end of the Mayan Calendar see some form of fulfillment of Mayan Prophecy of Doom 2012 and if so what will be the impact on you and man kind as a whole.

The prophecies suggest in 2012, Our Planet Will Become A WAR ZONE Will You Survive, Or Are You And Your Family Already Doomed

Find Out the Facts.

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